Barley Creek

On December 15, 1995, Eileen and Trip Ruvane opened Barley Creek Brewing Company, the first microbrewery in the Pocono Mountains since Prohibition. Since then, we’ve brewed more than 100 different styles of beer, opened a small-batch distillery for vodka, whiskey, rum and other spirits, served up eleventy-billion French fries, invented Firkin Curling, struck out Chase Utley at the Pint Size Park, won a bunch of awards, and hung out with tons of really cool people.

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We have worked closely with the BCBC team to come up with innovative ways to cut back on labor costs as well as food costs. We have helped through on-site visits which we followed inventories so that we can create a par sheet that would make ordering more efficient. With their weekly inventories we were able to use the usage quantity to create accurate pars that can be used for ordering that can help eliminate waste and unnecessary purchasing. In regards to labor, we have created a way to use their budgeted numbers per month and deduct what their weekly budget number would be to show how our weekly accounting work can be very useful in holding management, staff and the restaurant as a whole accountable. All of that is just the beginning of the great things that 

Chris D'Agostino

From Executive Chef to COO, Chris has mastered both the FOH and BOH. Cultivating new dishes and implementing efficient processes is his "bread and butter" so when Kevin suggested a new menu, we knew that Chris was the team member to send. His experience as an Executive Chef allowed him to pair flavors that encompassed exactly what Extract Juicery portrays- flavors that are fresh, fun, and unique. 

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